Armstrong Pump Bearing Assembly 816032-000


Armstrong bearing assembly P/N 816032-000

We also have this bearing assembly with maintenance free sealed bearings that do not require periodic lubrication. The P/N for the new bearing assembly is 816032MF-000.The maintenance free bearing assembly may be substituted when order is placed.

Replaces bearing assembly in Armstrong pumps: S-55, S-55AB, S-57, S-57AB, H-51, H-51AB, H-52, H-52AB, H-53, H-53AB, H-54, H-54AB, 1B 1050, 1B 1050AB, 1.25B 1050, 1.25B 1050 AB, 1.5 1050, 1.5 1050 AB, 2B 1050, 2B 1050 AB, L2B 1050

Can be used with Bell & Gossett models PD-35, PD-37, old style models 60-1, 60-11, 60-2, 60-3, 60-13

Replaces B&G P/N 186865, 186863, 186864, 118479, 118478, 118480

Replaces Lochinvar P/N ARM1005

Genuine Armstrong pump parts

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  • Model: 816032-000
  • Manufactured by: Armstrong Pump