Air Bear Filters

Buy your Trion Air Bear air filters and have them delivered to your door. We stock replacement filter packages that are higher quality as well as the original Trion Air Bear brand. Shipping rates are for the continental United States.

High efficiency air filters such as Trion Air Bear brand filters will normally last from 3 months to 1 year. The average change rate is every 6 months. A Trion Air Bear is 4-7/8" thick with the exception of the Trion Air Bear Cub which is 3" thick. Be careful when increasing the merv rating of an air filter. If it is filtering smaller particles out of the air stream it will have a higher pressure drop and decreased air flow. Decreasing air flow will most likely decrease unit efficiency and shorten system life. Our recommendation is to use a filter made specifically for your brand of cabinet as opposed to a filter that will fit many cabinets.

When installing this type of air filter pay attention to the arrow that is marked Airflow. It is located on all (4) of the 4-7/8" sides of this air filter. The arrow should point in the direction towards the furnace or fan coil. The air filter will always be in line before the equipment and the air should pass through the filter before it reaches the equipment.

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