Carrier Blower Wheel

Shortys HVAC Supplies located in West Newton, Indiana on the southwest side of Indianapolis can supply you with the factory Carrier blower wheel for your Carrier gas furnace, heat pump or air conditioner equipment. Give us a call or send us an email with the product number from the nameplate on your equipment and our experts will quickly identify the correct part number for your blower wheel replacement.

Blower wheels can fail many different ways. The shaft hub can tear loose from the center plate which is easy to find. The outside blades can break loose and bend out which is also easy to find.

 The center plate can break loose from the blades and that is not always apparent. The outer rings with the blades attached will slip and spin on the center plate. It may be just a slight amount of slipping that is causing the noise. If you look at the center plate where it connects with the blades and the center plate is shiny at that location the plate may be slipping inside the blades. This condition will cause a howl or shriek that can be relatively quiet or can also be very annoying. The slipping will not be detectable looking at the blower wheel.

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