Draft Inducer

If you need a draft inducer assmbly or draft inducer motor please email us at parts@shortyshvac.com  Carrier parts, Payne parts, and Bryant parts that look identical may not necessarily be identical parts. Draft inducers for some furnaces are available only as a complete unit and available as seperate pieces for other furnaces. In order to properly identify the parts we will need the product number or model and series number. These numbers are located on a tag in the burner compartment. In addition to these numbers the tag will have other information such as serial number and BTU input. A typical product number will look like the model number with a series of letters added to it. The furnace may have a model number similar to PG8MAA036070 and a product number silmilar to PG8MAA030070ABJA. The added letters in the number identify some componets. A model number with a series number will be similar to 58SX080---JG with a series number of 110. The series number identifies some of the componets.

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