Carrier Capacitor

If you need a capacitor for your Carrier, Bryant or Payne air conditioner or heat pump we will be happy to make sure you get the correct OEM factory part for your equipment. Please give Shortys HVAC Supplies a call or send an email with the product number from the equipment nameplate and we will identify the correct part for you.

We are located on the southwest side of Indianapolis, IN and we do have a store for local pickup.

The 2 different types of capacitors are run capacitors and start capacitors. The difference in the 2 types are a start capacitor is in the circuit momentarily and a run capacitor is in the circuit the entire time the compressor and fan motor are operating. The start capacitor is used to help a compressor during startup and is not required for a fan motor. The run capacitor aids in starting a motor but also makes the fan motor and compressor operate more efficiently.
Since a start capacitor is in the circuit momentarily, cooling is not an issue and this style are not as prone to failure as a run capacitor. A run capacitor is contained in a can that is filled with oil. The oil helps transfer the heat generated by electrical current flow to the ambient air stream. 

In the heat of the summer a run capacitor does not cool as efficiently as it does on a cooler day and the motor and compressor are working harder so more heat is generated. Consequently run capacitors have a tendency to fail when the temperature climbs and you need air conditioning the most.

Replacing the run capacitor is a very easy do it yourself repair. Make sure the electrical circuit is shut off to the unit and give the capacitor a few minutes to discharge to prevent an electrical shock. The terminals on a dual capacitor are marked C   HERM and FAN. Make sure you install the wiring back on the same designated terminal as it was removed from.

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