Armstrong 4030

Repair parts and repair kits for Armstrong model 4030 pump applications. Please email or call us using our contact us page if you need help identifying the correct parts required.

Armstrong offers the 4030 model as an old style pump and a new style pump. They are two distinct models and can be identified by the discharge line. On the old style pump the discharge line will be off to one side of the casing and the new style pump will have the discharge line located in the center of the casing. The old style model will include something like 1.25D or 4E. The new style pump model will include something like 6X4X10.  The numbers for the new style pump designate pipe and impeller sizes. The 6 would indicate a 6" suction pipe, the 4 would indicate a 4" discharge pipe and the 10 would indicate the impeller is a 10" impeller.

The impeller will be trimmed to a specific size to place the pump on the pump curve properly. The impeller trim is usually indicated on the model plate as an IMP number. A number would for this model would be similiar to IMP 9.26".

This pump is available as a small frame and a medium frame model. There is no designation in the model number to differentiate between small and medium frame. It must be determined by motor horsepower and RPM.

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