How Do I Identify the Correct Part

If the part you are looking for did not come up in our search it has most likely been replaced with a new part number. We sell factory parts and equipment manufacturers will make minor changes during the part design process and supercede the old part number to a new part number. Sometimes the manufacturer will include notes in the parts database for a specific model that will note recommended upgrades due to issues they have found after the equipment was manufactured. 


If you are not sure of the correct current part or would like our assistance in identifying the correct part please contact us Toll Free at 877-821-8770 or by email at


Information we require to identify the correct part is typically found on a tag located on the equipment. A gas furnace information tag is usually located on a sidewall inside the compartment where the burners are located. Many times a gas furnace will have an evaporator inside a coil box with a model number and serial number on a tag for the coil. The coil is considered a separate piece of equipment and is not used to identify parts for the furnace. 


An outdoor condensing unit or heat pump usually has an information tag located near the copper lines leaving the unit. 


An indoor air handler tag is usually located on the outside of the cabinet. If you need parts for electric heat the information tag will be located inside the air handler on the electric heat package. Electric heat is typically added to the equipment during installation and is considered a separate piece of equipment.   


Information we need to identify a part for you is always located on the equipment tags. We will need the equipment model number and serial number. If there is a product number or type number on the tag we will also need that.


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