Parts Identification For Carrier, Bryant, Payne Brand Equipment

The PDF listed below shows how we identify parts for a Carrier, Bryant or Payne gas furnace. The product number we are using for this is 383KAV036090ABJA. The first 4 pages of the PDF show the various models beginning with 383KAV. The next page is the significance chart showing what the information in the product number means. The last 2 pages are the parts breakdown for this product number. If you have a model 383KAV036090 notice there are 4 versions of this model. The product number indicates the specific parts used in your model. If Carrier Corp made a design change or upgraded to a new part this change is designated by the last 4 digits in the product number. The product number will be located on a tag inside the compartment where the burners and draft inducer are located. The parts breakdown indicates the parts used during the manufacturing process. When we identify parts we go 1 step deeper into the database to so if this part number has superceded to a new part number and we also look for any notes indicating a required change. Please email us or call us with your product number if you are unsure of the correct parts needed and we will be happy to make sure you get the correct part for your application.

Model Number PDF

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