Spring Air Conditioning Tips

 Proper maintenance is required for long and trouble free operation.

A very simple maintenance task that can save money and prevent problems later is air filter replacement. Standard air filters should be checked monthly and high efficiency filters such as Honeywell 5 inch and Air Bear 5 inch should be inspected every three months. Dirty filters impede air flow and can result in increased operating cost and freezing of the indoor coil. This can lead to compressor damage and very expensive repairs. Now is also a good time to make sure the condensate drain line is not plugged.

Be sure and disconnect the air handler or furnace from the power supply. Look at all of the copper lines to be sure they are not rubbing together. Copper is a soft metal and rubbing holes in a line is a very common occurence. This will cause a loss of refrigerant and an expensive repair bill. Check the blower motor and belts and bearings where used. The motor shaft should not have any play up and down or side to side. If the shaft does move, now is the time to change the motor. In and out movement of the shaft is normal. Do not overtighten the belt. If it is too tight it will ruin the bearings or motor or both.

Shut off power to the condensing unit and look at the copper once again for signs of rubbing. Check the condensor fan motor bearings and make sure the condensor fan blade does not have any cracks. Areas around the rivets are common places to locate cracks. Inspect the contactor for pitting on the points. Look for wiring that has been overheated or discolored. If it looks questionable replace it. Take a garden hose and flush out the condensor coil. Be careful not to bend the fins over with water pressure. Allow the unit to dry out overnight before restoring power. Be sure and turn the power back on to the furnace or air handler.

Check our website for any parts needed. We handle most air filters and repair parts. If you are considering a replacement thermostat consider a programmable stat. It can save you money while the house is unoccupied and your house will be at a comfortable temperature when you arrive home.




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