Armstrong Astro Express System 110223-401


Armstrong Astro Express recirculation system P/N 110223-401

Includes circulating pump, timer and mixing valve

Mixing valve mounts at shut off valves for sink. Operates by diverting cool water at service shut off valves for sink back into cold water supply. When warm water reaches mixing valve it will close and stop warm water from diverting back to cold water. Saves water usage by eliminating need to run water until warm water reaches faucet. 

Genuine Armstrong pump parts

Shipping rate for continental United States

Note from Mike: This seems like a very well thought out design. Many systems designed to prevent waiting for hot water to arrive at the faucet rely on a 2 pipe system. This type design pumps water from the hot water supply line to the faucet and returns it through another pipe to a valve on the water heater. The Armstrong Express system uses a mixing valve located under a sink with no return line. The pump is mounted in the hot water supply line at the water heater and runs a few minutes each hour pushing the warm water to the sink provided the water at the mixing valve has cooled down allowing the valve to open. When the valve opens it bleeds a small amount of cool water from the hot water supply line into the cold water supply line. If warm water has reached the valve it closes preventing warm water from being pushed into the cold water line. There is no return line required.

  • Model: 110223-401
  • Manufactured by: Armstrong Pump
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