Carrier Dual Capacitor P291-3553RS

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Carrier dual capacitor P/N P291-3553RS (Replaces old Carrier P/N HC98JA036D)

Replaces P/N 05706032, HC98JA036, P291-3553R, HC98CA036, HV98CA035, 97F9834, R100335-05, 89M73

Round style dual capacitor. Serves fan motor and compressor.

Ratings: 35 + 5 uf   370 VAC    

When replacing capacitor always make sure the uf (microfarad) rating is the same and the voltage rating is the same or higher on the new capacitor

Genuine Carrier parts, Bryant parts

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  • Model: P2913553RS
  • Manufactured by: Carrier
  • UPC: 00662441183447
  • Product Condition: New
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