Armstrong Pump Bearing Assembly with Impeller 810119-003


Armstrong pump maintenance free bearing assembly P/N 810119-003

Includes bearing assembly, gasket and plastic impeller

We also have this bearing assembly with maintenance free sealed bearings that do not require periodic lubrication. The P/N for the new bearing assembly is 810119-MF003. The maintenance free bearing assembly may be substituted when order is placed.

Replaces P/N 816549-041

Used with Armstrong pump S-34, S-34AB, S-35, S-35AB, H-32, H-32AB

Also used with Bell & Gossett models 2, HV

Replaces B&G P/N 189100, 189103, 189101, 189102

Genuine Armstrong pump parts

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  • Model: 810119-003
  • Manufactured by: Armstrong Pump
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