Aprilaire Stock 201 Air Filter 2 Pack

04/16/2013Michael Wurmser
Ordered a carrier contact points thing. All I knew was it was the part of my system that was buzzing, (a/c systems aren't supposed to buzz) so I got the part no. off the bad part, searched google and arrived at Shorty's. Price was better than the competitions, part was in stock so I went for it. That was Thursday. No extra shipping fees, no hassles, the part was at my front door the following Tuesday! Frigging awesome! By contrast I've ordered a part for my tiller and waited a month. Anyway, I opened the box and the part was different "looking" than the original. Being an optimist I went out to my compressor and compared, same plugs, wires, mounts, etc. It was a newer version, not the same type that had just failed. Good job guys, customer for life here in Tampa.
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