Frequently asked questions.

Q Are your parts new and do they have a warranty?

A Yes. The parts I have listed are new OEM parts with full factory limited warranty.

Q Can you get parts that are not listed on your website?

A  Yes. I have a full line of parts available for many brands of equipment.

Q How often should I change the Water Panel in my humidifer?

A Most manufacturers recommend changing the panel every year. Aprilaire M/N 400 should be changed twice each year.

Q How often should I change my high efficiency air filters?

A That depends on the amount of runtime on your air handler and the environment. Some filters will need changed every 3 months and some may go 2 years. The filters should be checked every 3 months to determine when they need changed.

Q Does a higher merv rating indicate a better air filter?

A  The merv rating is a rating that indicates the size of particle a filter will collect at a given velocity. If a filter has more surface area the air flow will be spread out over a larger area so the velocity will be slower. Slower air flow through a filter will result in cleaner air. In my opinion, merv ratings are like comparing gas mileage on cars if the cars are running at idle. They do not tell you how they will perform under actual operating conditions.




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